Can I have resources in alternative accessible formats?

Submitted by smurugesan on Mon, 01/30/2023 - 11:48

We would like our students to feel comfortable using all of our library resources, so if you have a particular learning need and require an accessible format, please let us know so we can help:  

Our Arden University Inclusion team are also always on hand to help students with any accessibility or learning needs. You can find out more on the Inclusion Portal here, or contact the Inclusion team directly: 


Our library partners at BibliU can provide full PDF versions of the majority books, if any students prefer this for accessibility support. They are always working hard to continuously improve their accessibility and customisation features for all students.

To find out more about how to use some of their existing accessibility features, including keyboard commands, reader settings, text-to-speech software compatibility and other in-built reading features, please see their Accessibility page here.   

There are also different organisations within the UK that provide resources in different accessible formats for free. These are listed below with a link to their website:  

RNIB Library 

RNIB Newsagent 

RNIB Bookshare 

Calibre Audio 

Please note: if you are interested in any of the RNIB services, you may be eligible for a student account through Arden University, so please contact to enquire with us. 

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