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Throughout your time at Arden, you will be assessed in a variety of ways. It’s important to budget your time and resources when approaching an assessment, and to know what conditions you need in order to be productive. These resources will help you discover your own unique learning style and give you practical advice on writing effective answers to assessment questions.

Exams and Assessments Mini Module
Open Module
Understanding the Assignment
Time Management


Approaching Assignments

The Approaching Assignments workshop provides students with an overview of how to prepare and submit your assignments. The workshop covers the importance of planning ahead to get your assignment completed on time, considers some of the challenges that you might face during your studies and how to overcome them. If you are struggling with how to get started with an assignment, find yourself procrastinating or just generally want some hints and tips then this workshop could be really useful.

Generating Ideas (Getting Started)

This workshop will guide you through techniques and approaches to creative and original thinking. You may have done the reading and be prepared to do the assignment but not know “where to start”. Together we will use techniques like mind-mapping, discussion, free-writing, and other reflective practices which you can use to unlock your ideas ready to put down in your assignments.

Presentation Skills

Depending on your assignment you may be required to create a presentation as part of your studies. This interactive workshop will take you through the basics of using Microsoft PowerPoint within your work and will provide you with hints and tips for making the most out of the software. If you are new to using the software or need to brush up on your skills then this session is for you.


The Proof-Reading workshop is designed to help you with the last stages of completing your assignments. Proof-Reading is an important part of the assignment writing process, if you find that you struggle with proof-reading your work or are not sure of where to start then this workshop can help. It aims to walk you through the process of proof-reading your own work and provide you with some hints and tips to improve your proof-reading ability.