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The great advantage of Higher Education is not that it teaches you what to think, but rather that it shapes how you think. Critical thinking is essential at every stage of your studies, which is why we have created these resources. Regardless of your course of study, your assignments will require you to weigh the balance of evidence and come to an informed and nuanced conclusion. These resources will help you interrogate and compare different perspectives and present your findings in clear and confident writing.

Critical Thinking Mini Module
Open Module
What is Critical Thinking
From Descriptive to Critical


An Introduction to Critical Thinking

The Introduction to Critical Thinking workshop builds on the content covered by the Introduction to Academic Writing workshop. It aims to provide students with a better understanding of how to progress from descriptive writing to a more critical discussion. The session looks at evaluating sources, argument construction and employing more critical language in your writing.

Critical Thinking and Writing

‘Your writing is too descriptive, you need to be more critical’ is a common piece of feedback students receive on their essays, but what does it actually mean? This workshop explores the focus, language, and approach required to produce clear critical writing. It demystifies the subject by giving practical examples of how we all use critical thinking and provides a framework for students to interact with academic texts critically and with confidence.