What is a one-to-one appointment?

Academic Skills Tutors are available to work with you on a one-to-one basis and can help you develop your academic skills such as: academic writing, structuring assignments, literature searching, referencing and more.

At a one-to-one appointment you and your Academic Skills Tutor will discuss which areas of your work you would like to improve. This could be any area of your work such as carrying out research for your assignments, structuring an argument, thinking critically and referencing and avoiding plagiarism to name but a few.

Your Academic Skills Tutor will help you to develop skills and strategies to improve and they can provide you with direct feedback on your work by looking at a sample of your past or future assignments up to a maximum of 500 words.

To get the most out of your appointment it is important to adequately prepare and allow your Academic Skills Tutor the opportunity to prepare for your session by clearly stating which area you would like to focus on and providing a sample of your work in advance if you would like your Academic Skills Tutor to provide feedback

What can I get help with?

Academic Skills Tutors are available to help you to improve your academic skills. They can provide advice on academic writing, structuring coursework and assignments, using library resources and carrying out research, understanding referencing and avoiding plagiarism. You can find out more about the Academic Skills Team by watching this short video

When should I book an appointment?

Don't wait until your assignment deadline to book a tutorial. You can make an appointment at any point during your study block so you can find out the areas you need to develop and improve them before your assignment is due.  For more information about one-to-one appointments please see our FAQs

Book an appointment

Academic Skills Tutor Appointments are available 6 days per week