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Programming is the process of creating computer software, mobile apps, video games, and other digital products using programming languages. A programming language is a formal language that computer programmers use to instruct computers to perform specific tasks. There are many programming languages, each with its own syntax, semantics, and purpose. Learning programming is a useful skill regardless of your background and can open many career opportunities. .


Introduction to Programming (Java) Part 1

Join our interactive workshop to master Java programming. Learn the essentials such as how to define an algorithm and express it using pseudo code and flow charts, describe the key features and syntax of the Java programming language. Identify and utilize different data types, variables, and expressions in Java plus develop the ability to write and implement simple Java programs.

Before the workshop, please install VS Code with Java pack: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/java OR create a free account on https://replit.com for maximum benefit. Get ready to unlock your Java programming potential!

Introduction to Programming (Java) Part 2

Don't miss Part 2 of our Java programming workshop. Enhance your skills and learn how to identify and describe control structures such as sequence, selection, and iteration and their use in Java programming and further develop yours skills to write and implement simple Java programs.

Make sure to have an IDE for coding practice. If you missed Part 1, catch up to build a solid foundation. Unleash your Java programming potential in Part 2.

Python for Data Mining Part 1

Discover the power of Python for data mining in Part 1 of our Python workshops. Unlock valuable skills and learn how to review the basics of Python, identify file operations in Python, identify and create modules in Python as well as understanding how to describe NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.

Before the workshop, ensure you have Python installed. Choose from various options:

Download Python interpreter with IDLE from https://www.python.org Opt for a rich IDE like VS Code or PyCharm with the downloaded interpreter Explore Anaconda, which includes Spyder and Jupyter IDEs, along with essential packages Use online IDEs like www.replit.com or https://colab.research.google.com Prepare to embark on your Python data mining journey! Join us for Part 1 and unleash the power of Python in your data analysis endeavors.

Python for Data Mining Part 2

Level up your data mining skills in Part 2 of our Python workshops. Learn how to review the purposes of NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas, illustrate the usage of NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas as well as developing skills to perform simple data analysis operations using Python.

To get started, make sure you have Python installed. Options include:

Download Python with IDLE from https://www.python.org . Use rich IDEs like VS Code or PyCharm. Explore Anaconda with Spyder and Jupyter. Try online IDEs like www.replit.com or https://colab.research.google.com. Join us and unleash the power of NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas in your data analysis journey. Don't miss out!