My BibliU eBook is missing page numbers - how do I reference it?

Submitted by smurugesan on Mon, 01/30/2023 - 12:03

Occasionally, you may find that some eBooks don’t feature page numbers, due to the way that the book has been created electronically by the publisher for enhanced accessibility (usually this is referred to as EPUB format). 

If you are using one of these, and wish to reference it in an assignment, we have some guidance in your aligned Referencing Guide: 

· Harvard Referencing Guide (page 4) 

· APA Referencing Guide (page 7) 

· OSCOLA Referencing Guide (page 34 onwards) 

As a general rule, if your eBook does not have printed page numbers, when referencing books in your work you will need to refer to a chapter/section/paragraph number to correctly identify the passage of text you are using. e.g., Leatherbarrow and Fletcher (2018) state that “HRM as a concept was attractive to many organisations because of its unitary perspective” (chapter 3, para. 2). 

For webpages and online newspapers, this detail is not required. 

Please note that the Harvard Referencing Guide has recently been updated in line with University policy, and the current version to be used by all students is available on your Subject Guide, all of which are available here. 

If you would like further help with referencing, you can book onto one of the specialist Referencing Workshops run by our Academic Skills Tutors – you can find all the details and book your place here

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