Introducing Gale Research Complete!

Submitted by Victoria Hunter on Wed, 06/08/2022 - 08:55
Gale Research Complete

We recently added a new collection to the Library Portal and are pleased to share with you Gale Research Complete - a diverse resource collection covering all subjects and disciplines.

Gale Research Complete offers multiple databases that you can cross-search to find all the resources you need to support your studies and assignments. These include:

  • Gale eBooks (books & encyclopaedias)
  • Gale Academic OneFile (journals)
  • Gale General OneFile (magazines)
  • Gale OneFile News (current newspapers)
  • Gale Literature (English Lit. resources)
  • Archives Unbound (primary historical sources)

To get started, you’ll find a direct link on each of your Subject Guides and in the A-Z List of Databases - from here you’ll be taken to the Gale Research Complete homepage.

From the homepage, you then have lots of options to explore the full package! To browse resources across the collection, you can simply enter your keywords using the “General Research” bar under the “Cross Search” tab:


On the right hand side, you can filter your results by date, subject, document type etc., as well as specifically by resource (e.g. eBook, article, news story or image).

When you click into a resource, you will find lots of handy tools to help you both keep track of everything and also make it more accessible if needed, including:

  • A translate button
  • A menu to change the font size, style, line spacing and page colour
  • A read-aloud function
  • Print, download, email and share icons
  • A highlighting & note-taking tracker in the top left-hand corner
  • An “Explore” section suggesting useful related topics and articles

From your search results page, you also have the option to set up a search alert, check your recent search history and browse through all the notes you’ve made.

If you wanted to search within one of Gale’s specific databases, you can also do this by clicking on the different icons across the top bar of the homepage:


Finally, if you need any help when using Gale Research Complete, simply scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the “Help” button, which will give you a range of topics and tips for using the collection. You can also email your friendly team of Assistant Librarians if you need any help!

We hope you enjoy exploring the range of fantastic resources that Gale Research Complete offers - please let us know your thoughts by giving us some feedback via our form in the Library Portal here!

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