Debate Club! A new, exciting opportunity for all Faculty of Social Sciences students...

Submitted by Victoria Hunter on Mon, 01/15/2024 - 16:09
Two cartoon speech bubbles on a black background, with the nearer one saying "Debate" inside and the further with "..." inside.

The School of Law invites all students across any Faculty of Social Sciences subject to join them in their new Debate Club, taking place on 26th January, 1pm and 2nd February, 1pm!

By joining the Debate Club, you will have the opportunity to learn how to present your ideas and arguments whilst interrogating those of your opponents. This is an exciting opportunity to exercise your public speaking skills and develop confidence in putting forward your views.

If it's your first time trying out debating then there's no pressure to participate straight away - simply come along and observe how everything works! 

The theme of for debate on 26th January is, "School uniforms are an outdated idea and should be abandoned" - on 2nd February, the theme will then be, "Undergraduate education should be free".

Come along and join what promises to be some lively and informed debating!

You can join on Zoom here, or for further details contact the School of Law via their iLearn School page here.


And if you’re interested in attending, but feel you’d also like some insight and support on honing arguments and evaluating resources to support your ideas, you can always support your delve into the Debate Society by coming to one of our Academic Skills Workshops:

“How to write an argument” – find out more and book a place here

“Generating Ideas” – find out more and book a place here