Arden Library Appvent Day #24 - ScienceDirect Freedom Collection

Submitted by elatham on Tue, 11/21/2023 - 13:04
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The big day is nearly here! But before we reveal our final resource it’s Day #24 of Arden Library’s Appvent Calendar and we present to you the Science Direct Freedom Collection as our penultimate digital tool.

Brought to us through our Read and Publish agreement with publisher Elsevier, the ScienceDirect platform provides access to a wide selection of scientific, technical and medical journals. You can search a database containing more than 80 million articles and book chapters from over 2650 peer-reviewed journals and 42000 eBooks. You’ll find major reference works and up-to-date research covering current and emerging developments, as well as digital archives reaching as far back as 1823 for those looking for some historical context for their study and research topics.  

The ScienceDirect database is easy to use and has a number of functions to make it easier to search and browse within its vast collection. You can use the simplified or advanced search at the top of the screen to find sources on a topic of your choosing (and flex your Boolean search skills while you’re at it with some AND, OR and NOT operators when entering your search terms), and if you’re looking to browse the journal and book offerings in a particular area to see what’s out there, the collection has helpfully been divided into the following broad categories for you to explore (you can filter within these to narrow the results to your area of interest): 

  • Physical Sciences and Engineering 

  • Life Sciences  

  • Health Sciences  

  • Social Sciences and Humanities 

Don’t forget to make use of the great extra features, helping you keep track of your resources, including:  

  • My Recommendations - a tailored set of suggested resources, based on your recent search/reading activity  

  • My Search History - a record of your last 100 unique searches  

  • My Reading History - a downloadable list of all the resources you’ve read 

You can also set up a search alert to notify you of updates to recent search queries and favourite publications in your area of interest! To learn how, simply check out this quick and handy guidance page. 

High quality, peer-reviewed research is a cornerstone of our library collection, and we are thrilled to be able to give you access to ScienceDirect. So, why not get cosy over the break and see what’s there? You can access ScienceDirect via your Subject Guides or from the A-Z List of Databases on the library portal (that way your single sign-on access through Arden University will be authenticated): A-Z List of Databases