Arden Library Appvent Day #23 - APA Databases

Submitted by elatham on Wed, 11/22/2023 - 08:54
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We’re only 2 days away from the big festive celebrations, but we haven’t forgotten about Day #23 of our Arden Library Appvent Calendar! And today’s focus is on… our APA Databases! 

Useful for all subject areas across Psychology, Health and Care Management, Criminology and other Social Sciences subjects, we have subscriptions to three key APA databases. You can see all of them on the A-Z List of Databases and on your Subject Guides. 

Read on to find out more about each one…! 

  • APA PsycArticles – this provides access to 119 journals, including the APA’s flagship publication, American Psychologist. The database is updated twice a week and all content is available in PDF and HTML formats. It covers a wide range of topics in Psychology, including Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Gender and Sexual Orientation, Health Psychology, Social Psychology and Violence and Trauma. 

  • APA PsycBooks – this provides access to the most current library of APA-published scholarly books, including all the reference titles in the APA Handbooks in Psychology Series. Updated monthly with a wide collection of DRM-free, full-text eBooks published by APA, as well as historical and classic works from the behavioural and social sciences. 

  • APA PsycTests - here you can find psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments for the research needs of professionals, students, and educators in the behavioral and social sciences. This database focuses on unpublished tests and was designed to save researchers from needing to reproduce tests when conducting research on previously measured constructs. Each record provides a summary of the construct. Users can find information on reliability, validity, and factor analysis when that data is reported in the source document. Records include extra information such as datasets, answer keys, scoring sheets, and test manuals, when available 

As our APA databases are built into the main EBSCO platform, you can save items to your personal folders and projects; share items via email, permalink or shared drives; download resources to use offline; and all the other standard features of the library! 

We hope you enjoy exploring our APA resources over the winter break – happy searching!