Arden Library Appvent Day #15 - Lexis+

Submitted by elatham on Tue, 11/21/2023 - 12:28
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It’s Day #15 of Arden Library’s Appvent Calendar, and today we are sharing a resource for and only accessible by our law students – our new and improved Lexis+ platform!  

Lexis+ is an advanced legal research platform that provides users with instant access to a vast collection of legal resources, across an extensive library of legal documents that includes case law, statutes, regulations, and secondary sources.   

On Lexis+, you’ll have access to exclusive titles (including Halsbury’s Laws of England and Jordan’s Family Law) as well as The Official Weekly and All England Law Reports with over 600,000 cases. Lexis+ also provides practical guidance across 36 practice areas and access to thousands of forms and precedents written by market-leading experts, so you can ensure both accuracy and understanding of the law.  


Its user-friendly interface also simplifies the search process, while a range of research tools and features enhances productivity. Some of Lexis+ new features include:   

  • Single Search across both legal content and practical guidance, with colour-coded results to help you to find the insights and answers you need – there is also a useful graph that shows the sections of the resource featuring your search terms, with a star marking the part with the highest concentration – useful as you get started!  

  • Improved functionality around your search history and folders – re-trace your steps in an instant and pick up where you left off using your recent history button in the top-right corner, while the Research Map lets you visually see where your searches have taken you! And with the improved folders area, you can save individual items and the notes you make on resources to your personal folders, filed in whichever way works best for you.  

  • Improved sharing of documents, folders, and searches through more available permalinks and “share” features, allowing for increased opportunities for collaboration – just look out for the permalink icon on searches and resources, or the folder icon in the top right corner!  

  • A new Pinned Sources feature – allowing you easier access to your most used and favourite content, you can now pin the books and resources you’ve recently used or use regularly so they’re easily to hand. Simply look for the pin icon and then you can access your pinned sources from the homepage under “My Sources”! 

  • More features for accessibility and personalisation, including a “Reading Mode” when in resources, which will allow you to alter the text size, make annotations and highlight.  


Ideal for law students, Lexis+ is a great database for getting started with efficient legal research and staying up to date with the latest legal information. You can find out more about the great new features of Lexis + at the Lexis video hub.   

Lexis will be also delivering two sessions for Arden students to introduce you to the new platform and all its features, so you can make the most out of this amazing legal database. You can book these by clicking the links below: 

Wednesday 10th January 2024, 11:00am – 12:00pm 

Wednesday 7th February 2024, 14:00pm – 15:00pm 

Lexis+ is available for our law students to use and explore now by following this link! You will also find it linked on the Library Portal from either your Subject Guide or the A-Z List of Databases.Happy browsing!