Using the Library

All good academic work begins with research but using an online library can be a daunting experience – especially if you’re new to higher education. With so many ebooks, journal articles, and conference papers in the archive, how can you know where to begin? These resources will guide you through the research process and help you get the most out of the online library - from refining your search terms to critically evaluating sources for relevance. 



Introduction to the Library 

The Intro to the Library workshop is an introduction to one of the most important online platforms that you will be using during your time at Arden. It provides a basic walkthrough of how to access the library and carry out searches.  

Introduction to the Library Handout

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Advanced Literature Searching 

The Advanced Literature Searching workshop will introduce you to some of the more advanced features of finding materials in the library. This workshop will cover topics such as key word selection, search strategies and using filters to refine your search results.  

Advanced Literature Searching Handout

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Evaluating Resources

The evaluating resources workshop provides students with an overview of how to break down academic sources. The workshop covers the importance of using trustworthy and progressive research within academic writing and provides practical techniques for assessing and evaluating information from a range of sources. If you are struggling to understand research, find it tricky linking it to your assignments and remaining critical, or just want some hints and tips then this workshop is for you.

Evaluating Resources Handout

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Reading Research Effectively

As a university student you will need to read research papers to find evidence to support your arguments. To help you make effective use of research papers this workshop will support you in being able to understand how to recognise different forms of research, the different elements that research papers may include and factors that you will want to consider when evaluating studies.

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An Introduction to Westlaw

Westlaw is one of the major databases for case law, legislation and commentary. Delivered by a Westlaw specialist this session will give you an overview and show you how to search for essential legal information. For all students studying law and law related subjects.

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An Introduction to IBIS World

IBIS World provides access to thousands of industry research reports, providing students with the same industry intelligence and tools used by companies around the world. Delivered by an IBIS World specialist they will explain how to get the best out of this database for those studying Business related subjects and Healthcare Management.

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