Are you able to study, work, and emigrate all at once?

Submitted by Lorena Martinez Ramirez, MSc Data Analytics & Information Systems Management [Berlin] on Tue, 11/22/2022 - 15:08

I often thought I wouldn't be able to complete my master's degree in Germany when I set the aim for myself, and I have only partially succeeded in doing so. To achieve the elusive aim of gaining my qualification, I’ve found a comprehensive list of tasks must be completed, including looking up universities, studying their academic offerings, locating the city, saving money, and many other things. I am sure this is not only the case for me, but many other students as well.

Some people advise leaving their comfort zone, but I must admit that it is more than that; it is growth, and it hurts and costs. I made the decision to leave my work, my family, and my nation, among other things, and this costs a lot. I had to deal with difficulties like adjusting to a new city and finding a place to live (let alone the change in weather, which was particularly difficult for me because I arrived in the winter!) Despite the challenges, I addressed these obstacles through persistence, commitment, and effective communication, and over time, I was able to resolve each one. Of course, the mission is not complete… yet!

Finding people who held my hand along the way is probably one of the most beautiful miracles that I experience every day. In fact, I would say that it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone who has the chance to witness change and live these experiences. These people are the ones who lead me, provide guidance, encourage me, and offer advice, they are amazing individuals. Although I am aware that some of them will remain and some will only be passing through, my life is still great. On the way I also met people that had negative answers for me which is normal, because that also helped me to remain strong, and discover that, for every person who has a negative answer, then along the way five others have a positive answer. Because of this, perseverance and never giving up are essential to achieving the long-awaited objective.

Then came the far trickier challenge of seeking for a job—and not just any job, either! One that's light enough for me to continue studying, flexible enough for me to attend scheduled classes, allows me to work from home, and also one that will teach me something new and keep me busy! Is it going to be possible? I submitted numerous applications…

We now have a contract that we can utilize in Berlin, and we are therefore in a position to move forward, says an email I received one day. Arden!

I can now confidently assert that it is possible to combine employment and study without being overburdened because I was able to make my dream come true by finding the master's degree I needed at Arden. I was offered an opportunity to work with Arden as a company due to my experience as a student at the university. The position of Data Ambassador was the job I got, and working in this role allowed me to perform a straightforward but enriching duty, which enabled me to earn money while also remaining steadfast in my determination to complete my master's degree.

Being in this role I improved my understanding of referencing conventions, which in turn enhanced this component of my university work. This job not only gives me the flexibility I need, but it also teaches me how to manage my time effectively so I can do the assignments given to me. It is my pleasure to share that there is a super team behind the iLearn pages and Library Portal, who work hard to ensure that students receive accurate and reliable information. This team daily concentrates on collaboration to produce new content for students and make as much literature available as possible so that references can be consulted.

In this position, I had the benefit of being able to look at the university's portfolio from a different angle. With so many possibilities available for those who need to pursue career development but also have other duties to take care of at the same time, this position has taught me about the scope of university programs and their influence on society. I now understand how critical it is to consider things from several perspectives.

Everybody sees colours differently depending on their perspective. Even though it can seem a little darker at times, I want to emphasize the fact that it is doable even though it is still challenging. My advice is: remain strong,  keep moving forward, have confidence in yourself, be patient, and sooner or later success will come.

I appreciate Arden providing students this opportunity!

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